Turn-Key Installation & Periodic Maintenance Services Provided By Southern Power system, Inc.

FERC & NERC – Electrical Reliability Compliance

Transformers AC & DC Bus Reliability Infrared Thermography
Switchgear & Breakers 24 Hr Emergency Response Teams ARC Flash Remediation
Protective Relays Temporary Power Installations Contract Services
Gas Insulated Switchgear & SF6 Breakers Bus and Bus Duct Manufacturing & Repairs Engineering Studies

* High, Medium & Low Voltage Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Repair, Overhaul, Upgrade, and Retrofit.

* On-Site Maintenance and Upgrades of High Power Rectifier Systems and Controls.
* Substation Commissioning and Testing. 44

* Transformer Commissioning and Repairs.

* Medium & Low Voltage Bus Fabrication

* Relay Protection Testing and Calibration